The Top 5 Essential Items for our Road Trip by Coach


A coach trip

It is always a fun to go for trips, especially as a child going on a school trip with World Strides. But if you are going to some place in a coach, you are doing one of the most comfortable journeys, as there isn’t any journey, which is more comfortable than a coach, other than a train journey, which is mainly utilized for going to distant places. But, the accommodation that you can get from a coach trip is something, which you cannot get from other kind of journeys via other vehicles. But when you are going for a coach trip, here are the five items, which you should definitely carry, such that your journey becomes an interesting one and it makes the journey a lot more convenient.

Dry food items

When you are going for a trip, some organisations, they will often provide food items. But if you are going alone, with other families or just with your family members, there may not be the possibility of getting food items from others. So this can be one of the essentials for a coach trip. Whatever may be the condition a situation, it is always advisable that you carry some dry food, such that you can consume that, in case you are feeling hungry, or feel like eating something. You can carry nuts, biscuits, dry fruits or even sweets.

Water bottle

Though food is one of the most important items, which you should carry while going for a trip, water bottles are one of the most important items you can take on a coach trip. Ideally, you’d also take one of those top rated coolers for you water bottles so they stay chilled for the entire journey. If you are going with other family members, it is advisable that you carry the equal number of water bottles, such that you don’t have to worry about water while going for the trip. Try carrying small bottles, such that you can dispose them off, once the water in it gets finished, as it will create more free space for purchasing new water bottles while on the trip.


In case you are going for a very long trip, and that is an overnight trip, it is always advisable that you carry a blanket along with you, such that you can have some sleep just like that you do in your house. Though it is only possible, if your coach provides sleepy facilities, that are not provided all the time, and in case you provided, they are provided only with long trips. Just carry adequate number of blankets depending upon the number of family members, who is visiting the place with you.

Entertainment requirements

While you are going for a big trip, entertainment is something, which you will definitely need. You should carry a smart phone or a tablet, offering you the option to play music, and also carry earphone or headphone along with it, such that you can listen to songs, when you are feeling bored. It is always advisable that you carry a smart phone or a smart device, as it will offer you additional entertainment facilities, in case you do not love listening to songs for a long period of time. Other essentials for a coach trip includes, portable pillows, a GPS, a sunglass, tissue papers, hand sanitizer, and additional items depending upon your requirements.

Somewhere to stay

When you arrive at your location, you’re going to need somewhere to stay for the night.

Do You Still Need Travel Insurance With EHIC?

New research reveals that with the help of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) thousands of people travelling around Europe could avoid having to pay an excess if something goes wrong and they need medical treatment.

More insurers are beginning to get rid of excess charges (the initial charge that you have to pay when making an insurance claim) for customers who made use of one of the EHIC while they were travelling. talked to 743 insurers that offered single-trip policies. Of these 671 of them said that they would reduce excess fees as much as all the way to zero if people made a claim.

More insurers are also beginning to refuse paying for treatment entirely if travellers visit a country that accepts EHIC but don’t use their cards when they get sick or hurt and need medical attention. You can use your EHIC (or E111) to receive free or discounted medical treatment in any country within the EU, along with Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland. The EHIC is a free card that ensures the holder receives the same level of medical treatment that a citizen in the country would get.

Bob Atkinson says that if you’re someone who takes more than two trips a year then you may get more value from an annual policy. You just need to ensure that the policy in question can cover you in every country that you expect to visit.

While the card itself is free that doesn’t mean that your treatment always will be. It may also not cover excess costs such as hospital transport or the cost of repatriation to the UK in the case of a severe emergency.

Alex Edwards, spokesman for travel insurance at, says that you shouldn’t consider an EHIC as an alternative to travel insurance. An EHIC only gives you access to state-provided medical treatment and it doesn’t mean that your medical care will be provided for free. There are countries that will require you to pay at least some of the medical costs yourself. The EHIC may also not cover the cost of medical care if you are taken to a private facility. Such facilities are commonly, perhaps strategically, located near many holiday resorts.

Your EHIC will last for five years. Millions of cards expire each year, with five million expiring in the past year alone. You can apply for or renew your EHIC online through the EHIC website.

Will the EHIC be Affected by the Brexit?

With the UK voting to leave the European Union many are now wondering if this will affect the EHIC and leave millions of Brits without help paying their medical costs. The good news is that the EHIC isn’t confined to the European Union. Instead it applies to the European Economic Area (EEA), which is why it is valid in countries outside of the EU such as Slovakia and Norway.

This means that the EHIC is likely to still apply as long as the UK remains in the European Economic Area. Mr Edwards said that there is currently no way to tell for sure however. It’s entirely possible that UK citizens could be left paying for medical bills in the EEA by themselves. The UK making an agreement with countries in Europe to continue EHIC, or even come up with a new scheme entirely, is also possible.

The UK already has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with a number of countries that aren’t a part of EHIC including Australia and Russia. There’s no need to worry right now though as EHIC, along with other EU provisions, will apply for at least the next two years. So there’ll be at least some warning for British travellers.